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The 2018 Best Picture Nominees Ranked

It is time once again. I ended up watching all but two of this year’s best picture nominees in theater this year, and I dug them. I don’t think this year is as strong as the last two have been, but the Best Picture nominees didn’t disappoint. Without...
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The 2017 Best Picture Nominees Ranked

Aww yeah. It’s that time AGAIN! 2016 was a pretty solid year for movies. I found myself going out and seeing a lot of films in the theater this year, and man was I not disappointed. Well, except maybe Zoolander 2…. I also think my renewed interest in the...
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The 2016 Best Picture Nominees Ranked

So, I’ve finally watched all eight of the best picture nominees from last year. 2016 was a pretty solid year for movies, and I’m glad that I have undertaken this challenge. So far, I think my favorite one has to be The Revenant. The Revenant was amazing. The cinematography...
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