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Godsmack’s Studio Albums Ranked

Alright, so I know that Godsmack is basically a clone of Alice in Chains, but I totally prefer them over Alice. I really do. I finally had the opportunity to see these guys live at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno on the 7th of November, 2015. I took Cameron and Joe along with, and we were all blown away with how great these guys sounded live. It was awesome. Also, I know that I’m a video game podcast host, and you’d probably rather see my opinions on games here, but I also love music. I just can’t do a music podcast, because why would I? I’d rather talk about a band who has had 7 number 1 hits, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide via text! Without further ado, here are my rankings of Godsmack’s Studio Albums, worst to best.


#6 IV – 2006

This one starts out great. The first four songs are some of the best that the band has released. Joe and I often joke about how they called the album IV not because of Led Zeppelin’s IV, but because there are only four songs worth listening to on the album. Livin in Sin, Speak, The Enemy, and Shine Down were all reasons why I begged and begged my grandparents for a copy of this bad boy. Unfortunately, there are much better albums out there. I like the overall tone of this thing, but I feel that there is a decent sized drop from Faceless to IV. Overall, this is a worthwhile listen, but not anything I would consider essential. Shine Down is in my top 5 Godsmack songs, and Speak isn’t far behind. This album features the group’s first attempt at a sequel song with Voodoo Too. I find it to be an alright piece, even if a bit campy. The album released at number one, marking Godsmack’s third consecutive #1 release.


#5 – 100hp

This album marked Godsmack’s fall from the #1 album hype train. They’re still one of the few groups to tout four consecutive #1 releases, but it all ended here. That being said, the album is still pretty fun. FML, 1000hp, and Generation Day are pretty solid entries. Locked and Loaded is essentially Sully’s “Joe” song, where he calls out some Frank dude near the end. That’s what happens when you mess with someone that has an audience, Frank! You get rocked!!! This might be my second to least favorite, but Godsmack is my third favorite band, so….. All in all, I’m glad I picked up 1000hp. It is a fun album, if not a beginning to end classic.


#4 The Oracle – 2010

This album is a return to form for the group. With hard hitting tracks like Cryin’ like a Bitch and, arguably one of the greatest Godsmack songs of all time, Whiskey Hangover; The Oracle is quite enjoyable. Whiskey Hangover actually became the groups seventeenth top ten single for the group. This one has some great bass lines, and I absolutely love the singles from the album. There are a few great bass lines in this bad boy as well, namely the ones in What If? and Saints and Sinners. The album finishes up on a high note, with the instrumental/title track The Oracle. This is one that I picked up upon release. I actually didn’t know the group had an album on the horizon until I wandered into FYE. Overall, this is an enjoyable album that feels like a return to the days of old.


#3 Faceless – 2003

This is the first album by Godsmack that I purchased. I remembered really liking their song Voodoo from my childhood, but monetary limitations prevented me from really pursuing the group until High School. This is around the time I became really interested in the Mummy films, and their God awful spin-off titled The Scorpion King. This is where I became reacquainted with the group that would eventually make their way into my top 5. “I stand Alone” is awesome, and is half the reason I got back into the band; YouTube’s growing popularity being the second. This album is much heavier than the group’s previous entries, and I really dig it for that. Their soft-song entry for this album is also a keeper, and “Serenity” keeps up with its predecessors. I would describe the group’s first two albums as antisocial, whereas this one is just straight up angry, except for when it’s serene. This is the first album to feature Ugly Kid Joe drummer Shannon Larkin, and is the beginning of the epic Drum Battles that are one of the staples of their live shows. Also, can we talk about how epic the fact that this album beat out Linkin Park’s Meteora for the number one spot? That’s what I’m talkin about!


#2 Awake – 2000

Just when I think that Godsmack can’t possibly top their tribal/soft song Voodoo, they come out with Spiral. This one isn’t nearly as popular, but I love it even more than its predecessor. It’s a great piece that explores the idea of reincarnation. I like how this album continues the raw energy of its predecessor. Godsmack really started coming into their current state with songs like “Awake” and “Sick of Life”. This one doesn’t have as much of Sully’s “Get Back!” as the last one, but I still dig it. This album was the third one I acquired from the group, so I’ve given it hundreds of listens over the years. The big stinker of the album is “Bad Magick”. It’s a weird sequel to “Bad Religion” and is the only single the band released that I don’t really care for. This album is where we really start to see Sully’s Wiccan roots shine through, with the songs “The Journey” and “Spiral”. This was Godsmack’s first foray into the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200.  Highly recommended!


#1 Godsmack – 1998

I can’t get over how much I love this album. It’s fast, it’s memorable, and it has Voodoo for God’s sake. Godsmack came out of the gate swinging. This album is the epitome of everything I want in a post grunge group. How can I even deny this one its rightful place? With singles like Voodoo, Whatever, Keep Away, and Bad Religion. It’s crazy to me when a bands first album is clearly their best offering. One would think that through years of practice and mastering their craft, they would come out with a Master of Puppets, or …And Justice for All; but some bands just hit it right the first time, and can never quite reach the same heights. I remember rocking this album while playing hours and hours of Final Fantasy XII side content on weekends in high school, and Voodoo was my favorite song in 1998. And yes, I was seven, but I knew how to rock.


That’s a wrap! Godsmack is one of my favorite groups of all time. I find their hits to be excellent, their stage performance incredible, and they even created a great acoustic album, All Wound Up. All in all, Godsmack was an important part of my developing years, and I continue to rock out to their tunes to this day. I’ll have to do a post on another band that I got into around the same time…. Can you feel that?…..Oh shit……..










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