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Brave Exvius (Initial Thoughts)

I know, I know…. We denounced the mobile Final Fantasy games. But you know what? I don’t give a fuck! I’m sitting here at work blogging about a game that I picked up to play at work! Talk about free time! Sheesh…

Well, so far, Brave Exvius has been about the furthest thing from what I imagined it would be. In fact, I feel like this game is pretty solid thus far. It features a classic, turn based battle system including items, spells, and limit breaks. It also features characters from the main series. And guess what? There’s a story! It’s pretty standard thus far, but it exists! This is more than I can say for the godless horror known as All The Bravest…. The dungeons in the game are fun, and the FFVI-esque sprites are a delight. Towns feature the normal variety of stores, and also provide little side quests that you can embark on. Many of the dungeons and areas feature two different modes: the combat mode, and the adventure mode. The combat mode is simply where you and your party make your way through the dungeon to progress the story. The adventure mode allows you to freely explore the area searching for crafting items, or equipment. I haven’t crafted much of anything, so I won’t be covering that in my initial thoughts.

Overall, I find myself replacing Pokemon Go with this game. It’s less tiring, and I can actually accomplish something post level 20. I’m looking at you 155 CP Arcanine that escaped two Ultra Balls!


PS: There are Espers! Thus far, I only have Siren, but I am pumped to obtain Ifrit and the rest!

2 thoughts on “Brave Exvius (Initial Thoughts)

  1. Skoll Hati says:

    I couldn’t get into exvius; have you played Mobius yet? I’m really liking it so far, not very deep in yet but it feels promising and is very good looking

    1. No Mobius yet. I’ve considered downloading it, but I don’t know if I can handle that much Final Fantasy in my life. *looks down at phone* Ah, fuck it. I’ll give it a shot.

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