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Pokemon Go! (Initial Thoughts)

So…. I downloaded Pokemon Go. I know, I know… So did everyone else. The game is a bit on the buggy side, but is definitely entertaining. I initially downloaded the game onto my really shitty LG phone, and it sort of ran… I ended up picking up my roommates Galaxy S4, and oh man.. It works like a charm! The graphics are up, and the GPS functionality is a go! Let’s explore the main gameplay mechanics:

When you download the game, you are given the chance to create yourself in Anime form. You will then begin your Pokemon journey! The game is based entirely on GPS coordinates, and tracks your movement in real life. Pokemon will randomly appear on the map, generally in areas appropriate for their type: ie water Pokemon near bodies of water, and plant Pokemon in grassy terrain. There are also what are called Pokestops. These are used to obtain items, such as Pokeballs and potions. Players can also place Pokemon lures in these locations. This provides increased Pokemon activity for a 30 minute period. There is also an RPG style progression system for your character.

Your character gains experience from a slew of things, ranging from hitting Pokestops, capturing Pokemon, evolving Pokemon, etc. Pokemon can be evolved by using candies. These candies are Pokemon specific, and are obtained by capturing Pokemon of that type. I’ll make sure to add some tips and tricks as I get further into the game.

Another cool feature, and something that Nintendo is known for, is the exercise element. Along with Pokeballs and potions, the Pokestops give you the chance to obtain a Pokemon Egg. These eggs can be inserted into your anu- I mean incubators. The player starts out with one indestructible incubator. When the player places the egg into the incubator, they must walk the predetermined amount of kilometers to hatch the egg. The highest ones I’ve seen so far are 5 km. Once the egg hatches, a Pokemon appears! Huzzah! If you run into plenty of eggs, you can either wait for a random incubator drop, or purchase them in sets from the store. Let’s get into the micro-transactions.

Now, there’s something that I simply cannot accept about micro-transactions in a full priced game. They’re complete and utter shit. When a man pays for a $60 game, he doesn’t expect to spend another $60 to get the whole fucking experience. It’s sick. Plain and simple. But, Pokemon Go is of another vein. Since the game is free to play, and download, micro-transactions are A-Ok in my book. The player has the option to spend some real world money on Pokecoins. The cheapest amount is 100 Pokecoins for 99 cents, and the bargain price is 14,500 Pokecoins for a mere $100. The most useful things that can be bought with these coins is probably the Bag Upgrade. This allows you to continue farming Pokestops without having to worry about bag space. Players can also buy Lucky Eggs, which earns you double XP for half an hour. This item is great for grinding, especially when evolving Pokemon. You can also purchase Pokeballs, but if you’re in a populated area, you should be able to get enough of them in the Pokestops.

Well, that’s it for my first impressions of Pokemon Go. Stay tuned for more!


PS: I went down to the Provo Library last night, and there were probably around 350 people farming a few trap drops. Look for these highly populated areas to snag Pokemon from other peoples drops! And have fun!

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