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Master of Elbert

Ahh… You hear that? That’s the sound of the epic hog squeal over the world. As you all know, we recently went on a camping trip to beautiful Colorado. We searched for cheap hookers, weed, and the second highest peak in the contiguous United States of Fuckin America. And I made it my bitch. The three of us: Cameron, Joe, and myself, all left the campground around 7:45 am. We were looking to hit the peak within four and a half hours or so, but this didn’t come to fruition. The first 4 and a half miles came rather easily. The last mile was another thing entirely. Joe and Cameron broke themselves on the mountain. They were both having trouble breathing, and I feel like Joe hadn’t consumed quite enough food. When you’re hiking like that, you’ve got to have energy. They both ended up turning around about 3/5ths of a mile from the peak, during what was easily the closest thing to Hell I’ve ever put my body through. My left knee was killing, and my right ankle was damn near sprained, but I trudged on dutifully. I reached the peak around 45 minutes later; a peak of 14,439 feet above sea level, and enjoyed the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. It was definitely worth the pain. If any of you have the chance to hike it, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Next time, I’ll actually finish Mt. Massive. I left a touch too late for that one…


To be continued…..

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